Posted by: officialmileysource | June 1, 2010

Parents Approve of Miley…For Once.

As you all know, Most parents don’t approve of their daughter’s role model, Miley Cyrus. But here is one who does. Her name is Maxine, She’s from England and was at the Madrid autograph signing. This is what she said.

‘I dont understand why parents are so mean about Miley. Come on she is Only a kid!  Kids make mistakes. And i know she IS 17 so maybe not so much a kid, but she is growing up and thats what people her age do. Okay she wa 15 when she took those half naked photos but it was art people! Parents have got to learn that their children can choose if Miley is a good role model themselves or not. I say Miley is an amazing role model for kids aged 10-18 and they should follow in her footsteps’


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