Posted by: officialmileysource | July 5, 2010

Miley Cyrus ‘My Sex Life is PRIVATE’

While Miss Miley was in madrid she had an interview with a magazine and the interview has recently come out. Miley was talking about her virginity and everybody is wondering if she is a virgin or not…

‘My Sex Life is Private. Whether im a virgin or not has nothing to do with anyone except me. Not even My fans have the right to know. I mean like, if some  normal person had sex you wouldnt really wanna know. And im no different. Nobody has any right know anything about my sex life’

What do you think? Is Miley a virgin. Yes or no?



  1. Well I really think Miley is virgin, and she’s sooo right!! =)

    • yeah and Im a virgin too lol

  2. come on Now Miley a virgin? Please yeah right
    not with Liam

  3. miley is vergin nd shes gunna stay vergin untill i marry her nd avery1 espeshally those niley/miam fans needs 2 shutt up aboot dat nd i agree wiff her its not our fuckign bizniss if shes vergin or not butt shes vergin.

  4. Hall No ! That Girl Is No Virgin. In no way!. Comme on, i mean miley and liam are for so long together.. With no sex ?. Comme on !. I dont think that it is bad. What for normal 17 in amerika is still a virgin yet ?.

  5. Nick Jonas tapped that YEARS ago.

  6. can someone tell me in what interview she said that? i think she is righ

  7. please in what interview she said that?


  9. she just saying that because she’s NOT A VIRGIN. she’s using “privacy” as an excuse to keep it secret. Liam has needs and at 18, so does she.

  10. can’t wait till this bitch dies of AIDS

    • FUCK YOU! hope you do…

    • and you’re an UGLY WHORE with no life

  11. I agree with Miley. I mean, it’s like some stranger asking you “Are you a virgin?” like seriously? No one needs to know that besides yourself.

    Miley is a vigin. I saw in another post that she said she didn’t have sex yet since a bunch of ugly rumors are going around about that.

    Weather she’s a virgin or not, i’m still her fan. 🙂

    • Thats the positive attitude every fan Should have!

  12. you bitch. you nd virgin fuck off. i think your pussy is too small to show up.

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