Posted by: officialmileysource | July 9, 2010

Miley To Sexy for her Boyf

'Miley Cyrus Too Sexy For Her Boyfriend'

Liam Hemsworth Thinks Miley needs to go back being a good girl and stop being a bad girl.  HEAT Says:

‘Liam tried to her that fans were originally drawn to her wholesome image and now she’s going more into the Britney Spears category. He’s afraid she’s going to end up like Britney.’ One of the causes of friction between the pair is Miley’s strange new ‘love’ tattoo, which she had inked onto her ear last week and is causing arguments: ‘It wasn’t so much about the tattoo itself, but more about the road Miley is going down. Liam doesn’t like the fact she wants to be seen as a ‘bad girl’ and a ‘sex symbol’. He thinks it’s fake. The first tatto0 was fine,

‘Just Breathe’ is the slogan for a cystic fibrosis charity she has worked with. But come on, another tattoo? All of this acting out garbage is not his thing.’

Will Miam being ending soon? Will Miley Change? Or is this all lies? I personally dont think Miley will pull a britney. What do you think?


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