Posted by: officialmileysource | July 13, 2010

Miley Clears up More Rumors.

Miley Cyrus clears up some rumors in interview with A Miley Cyrus online fansite.

‘Im here to clear up rumors that are going around. First off, Alot of people have been talking about My ‘virginity’.  What does it matter to everyone if i am or not? haha. But yes i am a virgin. I dont really understand why i need to be telling everyone this. Haha. Also people have been talking about Me & Liam having fights and have broken up! This is a total lie. Yeah sure me and Liam do have our fights. But they arent anything serious. Just like a little 2 minute ones! Me & Liam love eachother and we are here to stay’



  1. k. Miley is happy with Liam. But, I think she belongs with Nick Jonas. I mean that only my opinion but, they were soo good 2gether. I LOVE MILEY (as a rolemodel) who ever she happy with is fine with me i just wish it was NJ.and people should not be talking about her virginaty. I NO ONE ELSES BUINESSE but hers, her family and liams.

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  3. Miley’s virginity is her own private business! Also she seems to get along with Liam quite well! As for arguments, everybody argues once in a while!

    Miley is no longer a kid, and she will perform differently!

    She’s everyone’s role model and a gift to the world!

    I think that she behaves with discretion, and she’s an adult physically and mentally, and chronologically this coming November!

    I still think a lot of her!

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