Posted by: officialmileysource | July 31, 2010

Miley Cyrus MY LIFE IN 1 WORD

Miley Cyrus recently dished to People Magazine about her life, and how she can explain her life in one word.

My life in 1 word: Crazy. The paps, the rumors its all so crazy but it crazy that i actually am worldwide famous with a New GOLD album. I still can’t believe it, everytime i peform i think its a dream. The first time i peformed as Hannah Montana, i was speechless after the show. My life is so Crazy, yet Amazing.’ Miley also Chatted to people about her plans for the future, ‘When im 18, im going to produce a new Album, a new movie and maybe a new personality! Me & Liam want it to be a more ‘quiet’ year. Im not gonna be doing no more Hannah Montana and i would just like to do one movie and then just do some more things plotted around the year. But between all of that i just wanna be chillaxing the Liam’


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