Posted by: officialmileysource | August 7, 2010

Miley Cyrus ‘Screaming at Cedar Point’

As Miley Cyrus was on a Break from filming LOL she went to Cedar Point, a Theme Park in ohio. When she went on Millennium Force, Staff at the park said she ‘screamed like a girl…oh wait she is one!’

‘When Miley visted Cedar Point she looked as if she was having the Time of her life! She went on Millennium Force a 310 feet steel rollercoaster she screamed Like a girl! Oh wait…she is one! Its an expression but you know what i mean, she looked as if she loved the ride and said she might come back again soon!’





  1. Love her, and the guy next to her is Douglas booth 🙂

  2. I think it is stupid that this princess gets to cut in front of everyone that is waiting and get the whole coaster to her self some may have been honered to give up a ride for her but i could care less!!!! I would not have given up my seat even to shake her stupid hand !!!! just because she if famous i mean so what did she get in the park free too that would b stupid since she has so much money it is probley coming out her butt!! like 40 dollars would hurt her wallet!!! i was only able to ride the millenium force this day she was there once because the line was over an hour long! did she get to cut and go on the dragster that is the ride i would have loved to go on and if i could cut i would ride that but if i was in line for that and saw her come up to cut because she is “famous” i would have thrown a fit! not been all excided she was there!!! She is just another person that is only famous because of her daddy!! who wasn’t even popular for that long!!! so big woop miley was at cedar point lets all give up our seats and wait even longer so she can have a big coaster for only 8 people!!

    • I agree, it is unfair that she gets to cut infront, but im not entirely sure if she did this as the back seats were empty. I think she went in the morning therefore it was not that busy. But yes, i would not let anyone cut infront of me, Even Miley Cyrus. But Please if you are going to say Mean things about Miley – keep them too yourself!

  3. no she did get to cut in front of tons of people in line because some friends of us that were there same day with us were in line when miley came and got on they gave her and her 8 friends the whole roller coaster car.

  4. I worked at Cedar Point on a rollercoaster this summer and I was working the day that Miley was there and she rode my ride and I would just like to get the record straight and say she did NOT get in to the park for free. She paid a ton of money to get VIP passes which anyone can get and it allows anyone to cut straight to the front of the line for any ride. VIP passes are $400 each and she bought one for her entire group. And they did let her group ride alone, but that was purely for safety reasons.

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