Posted by: officialmileysource | August 8, 2010

ROBOT 2011 Tour INFO

Miley Cyrus to have a 2011 Tour called The Robot Tour, It will take place in February until May 2011. Miley will be touring The USA, England, and France. More locations yet to be confirmed. There will be Backstage passes availible to win and to buy but only for a limited amount of time! Tickets will be availble in November – December. Opening Act is unknown. This is Yet to be confirmed by the officials. If you have any more questions about the Tour leave them below in the comment box. It was rumoured to be a 2010 Tour but is actually a 2011 tour.



  1. Hey Miley…
    do you come to Israel too?
    not on that tour, every day.
    would u come to Israel ever?

    • Why whould she?
      Of course not
      She dont want to get hit by a bomb trew by the thaliban

  2. lmao what the fuck this shit is made up

    • How is it? Its said YET TO BE CONFIRMED. So we dont know if its true yet -.-

  3. why the robot tour tho?

    • probaly cuz she has a song called robot

  4. Hi MileyFanPage

    Can you please tell miley to tour Australia next year please i really am deading for her too thanks

    • When will the UK ones be on Sale? I’ve got intouch with ticket people and they’ve said they haven’t heard about it yet…

  5. do you know the tours set list or any of the places in the usa miley will visit 😀

  6. i thought i was called liberty walks or can
    t be tamed tour and how did u find out

  7. Hi MileyFanPage,
    Is she going to come to Australia? Because apparently she is.
    And I thought the tour was called Liberty Walks on tour??

    If you can find the answer, please email to me and thank you for the information.

  8. Hello Miley sometimes you will have a concert in slovakia? 🙂 lots of fans here :)) pls pls coming to the slovakia im your big fan :)))

  9. Can You tell me, that Miley go to the Germany during the robot tour??

  10. heey
    ware can i buy tickits??

    • en meet en greet??

  11. hey
    were can i buy Tickets ??

  12. hey!!!
    miley came to italy????
    to milano or to enice?????
    and how many are the beck stage ticket?????

  13. I hope on this tour she cames to germany too!
    In know she is today in Germnay for “Wetten,dass…?” ( a german wettschow) in Hannover. Hannover isn´t far away from my home but my parents say:” You havent a chance to see her today. You havent a chance to see her ever!!!” I like my parents but they are not realy nice to me,just to my sister! I hope on this tour she cames to Hannover again,maybe again in the ” Tui-Arena”. I was there often in the past but just for some horses-not for a superstar like miley!

    I cherche chat-friends ( maybe from germany or England/usa the main thing is : they can English or german )

    p.s.: sorry for my bad english

  14. creo k iba a venir en sudamerica

  15. uhh ia ta dando la final de hanna montana en sudamerica ¡¡¡

  16. so is there a tour or not? .and if there is where can i buy tickets i am from the u.k ?? xx

  17. When will we know where and when she will perform? and when can we get tickets??

  18. it would be f’in awesome if she had another tour

  19. MIley please come to GREECE…..
    im harry ….. ❤ ❤ and i love you

  20. Fuck off
    I don´t think this is true

  21. really?
    i want to see her
    she is everything for me
    new tour
    robot tour!!!

  22. hell fucking yes i will be getting my miley cyrus front raw tickets but i want to know how true this is

  23. plzz
    tell me
    where can i find tickets and datees ?? ;)))

  24. I love you miley but i am so confusd are you going on tour in 2011

  25. where is she going around the world

  26. Hey Miley…do you come to Czech republic please??

  27. Has any of this been confirmed yet? I really want to see her! 🙂

  28. miley , i love you so much ! when you come to greece ??

  29. isn’t it called the liberty walks tour .
    and thats confirmed. but does anyone know if she comes to the netherlands

  30. So if this was true…wouldn’t tickets have to be out already? unless she will still go on tour just later in the year? I really want her too!

    • The Robot 2011 Tour was cancelled. Check out our post on her new 2012 tour!

  31. Miley, Germany loves you ♥

    Please come to the North of Germany: Hamburg .. or at the eastsee in the place Kiel..

    Or in Wacken ? A big field where is the Wacken Open Air taken? (sry for maybe bad english)

    Miley, we love you ♥

  32. Hi Miley, also arrive in the Czech Republic?

  33. hi miley i was wandering whether by any chance u would come to africa.especially kenya. people like u alot and look up to you God bless.ur my role model,a big sister to me.and i love for who u r.big hugs and kisses

  34. hi miley i was wandering whether by any chance u would come to africa.especially kenya. people like u alot and look up to you God bless.ur my role model,a big sister to me.and i love for who u r.lots of love

  35. omg plzz come to chicago miley i love u so muchh :} i will be the first person to buy the tickets plzz come… !!!

  36. how i know miley will be in february in germany….lovly.:)

  37. hey peeps i realy hope miley can come to australia in 2011/2012 because she is
    so awesome

  38. I hope she can come to norway, she have a lot of fans here:)

  39. when is she coming to london

  40. Are you coming to the netherlands plies?
    I Love you Miley!
    Then i’ll certainly show you.

  41. Are she planning to tour in asia specially phippines? I hope she will pls. Tell me

    • The 2011 tour may not be a world tour – but we will see

  42. miley did you came to mexico? because some people talk ¡about, a liberty walk tour on november but i just want to know if you come to mexicooooooooooooo, iloveuu bye! BIGEST FAN=)

  43. I really need to know if she is playing in my hometown birmingham uk. so can u get the datees

  44. COME TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. please can you come in ITALY miley?? Please I would like to see you live…<3

  46. Thank you! so much! Let us all know! x

  47. do come here in the PHILIPPINES please miles//

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