Posted by: officialmileysource | August 11, 2010

Inside the Set of LOL Part 2

MILEY CYRUS SHOT THE SMOKING SCENE – The cigarette she used was fake and just for the role.

MILEY CYRUS SHOT THE BATHROOM SCENE – Miley was seen on set in just a towel on her way.

MILEY CYRUS TOOK A DAY OFF – Miley went to Cedar Point with some other friends.

MILEY CYRUS MOVING FOR THE SET – Miley & Demi shot some scenes for LOL in Birmingham.

MILEY CYRUS GOOFING OFF – Miley Cyrus was goofing about with some cast on the set.

MILEY CYRUS MESSING UP HER LINES – Miley Messed up her lines in one of the scenes for LOL.

MILEY CYRUS CATCHING UP WITH THE CAST – Miley Spent some time to talk to the cast.

PARTY IN THE LOL SET – Miley & Ashton Kutcher organised a small get together “Party” for the cast.





  1. & what is the source coz this sounds made up… 0_o

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