Posted by: officialmileysource | January 9, 2011

Miley ‘I never regret what i Say’

Miley Cyrus, 'I Never Regret What I Say'

Mileyin MIZZ. Credit: MileyCyrus.BZ. Advice to upcoming actors? ‘Well, I think people in my life have seen a dramatic change in who I am and how I’ve gotten to know myself more and more. WHen I had my first record, I was 12 years old, so I don’t think anyone really knows who they are at that age. I definitely didn’t know myself, so I’d tell that someone, make sure you know who you are before you go into an industry and make sure you’re strong.’

Afraid to speak your mind? ‘I never regret what I say. I guess when I speak my opinion, if I’m asked, then I’ll tell you. I’m not gonna be like ‘Er, I don’t know..’ just cause I want to please everyone. You can’t please everyone. I’m sure what I’m saying now won’t please everybody that’s what I think and that’s how I feel.’

Your image is a lot sassier now: ‘I think I’ve just been able to grow up so much as an artist and as a person. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot more about myself, who I am in style.. I also get to try on so many different things for all kinds of shoots. If you try so many different attitudes with everything you do, you just realise who you are and who you are not a bit quicker, I think.’

What was meeting the Queen like? ‘There were a lot of rules. I was very nervous so I can’t really remember them all now, but it was like, ‘You can’t speak unless you’re spoken to’. So I was like ‘Oh my God, I’m from Tennessee, you guys! We’re like big huggers, y’know, that kind of family!’ And you don’t do that kinda thing with the Queen!’ What did she say to you? ‘[Puts on a posh English accent] ‘Extravagant performance!’ Something like that, but I can’t do the accent!’

Anything that you’re insecure about? ‘I used to ask everyone all day, ‘Do I look pretty?’ I probably asked that question about as many times as I blink. But then I just got over it. It’s not cause I started feeling beautiful, it’s just because I was more comfortable. I became so used to the paparazzi and the cameras and the ‘What are you wearing’ and having people stare at me.’ Do you think there’s anything about you that need to tame? ‘Not right now, but we’ll see! Haha!’


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