Hello There, And welcome to OfficialMileySource. We hope you enjoy your visit. While your here we would like to take a moment to tell you a little about ourselves! First off, We are a Miley BlogSite. Everything we post is official Miley News. Second, we don’t like rude comments! So if you have nothing nice to say please do not say it as it can be upsetting to other Members. Of course, we have to get our news from somewhere, we don’t just get messages from space, so we would like to tell you a little bit about or partners & affliates. Firstly, there is Becca, She provides us with news she has heard from other Miley fansites and people! Thanks Becca! Also, There are ALOT of Miley blogsites out there. So we do take posts from them. One site we absolutly LOVE is MileyCyrusTour. We do send trackbacks to them but we would just like to mention them here too! Twitter is a big place with over 2 million Miley fans! So who are we gonna get Miley facts from? Them of course! Thanks Miley fans (and of course thanks to twitter for making the site, without you we wouldnt be getting the news). Now we have covered that we would like to talk about why we made this site. We made this site because we are True Miley lovin Fans! We love inform other Miley fans about what Miley is up to and what concerts they can go to! We have already hit 40,000 hits, Thanks to all you guys!


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